I’ve Been Thinking.

Marymorphosis is mixing it up this week, taking a load off and lightening up. Here are some thoughts I have gathered over the years.


(Just a light and pretty picture of a cherry blossom branch)

If you have to think about whether or not it is appropriate, it’s not.

Show respect. Everyone is somebody’s mother, father, sibling, best friend. You get the picture.

Be kind to fellow commuters. The one who cuts you off could be your grandma or someone who has diarrhea.

Count your change.

Tip the gas attendant.

Resolve it.

So long as it is not illegal, immoral or draws blood, try it.

Listen, you might learn something.

No one can give you everything you need.

Sing along.  Or at least move your lips.

If the relationship didn’t work the first three times, it probably won’t work. Period.

Accept your vulnerability and share it shamelessly.

That’s all.

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