My Strongly Worded Letter to WORDPRESS

Dear WordPress,

I love to write my blog!  Thank you for helping me to spread my message to whoever is willing to listen.  One would think that after five months of writing,  I would have the hang of maneuvering the site.

One would think.

So, Wordpress, do you have a suggestion box? Because, I have a suggestion.

For the second time since I started writing in April, I inadvertently hit the “Publish” tab instead of the “Save Draft” tab on my post.

Hey! I wasn’t DONE!

Why did you design your site so that these tabs are RIGHT next to each other?  It just seems, well, mean.

As you may know, some writers like to write and revise and write and revise. And so forth and so on.  And sometimes, writers such as myself,  see something sparkly!  And then, all of a sudden, we drift off in another direction and hit the wrong button:  “Publish.” not “Save Draft.”

There is no going back. There are sentence fragments, typos, dumb examples and, well, sometimes, there is pure stupidity flying all around the internet and popping into readers’ inboxes. And that is just wrong. And unfair. And a bad joke.

We all know that when someone walks out of the restroom with TP on their shoe we are supposed to WARN that person. That is the kind thing to do.

Earlier today I sent my TP out into the world, and you did not even warn me!

I am just saying.

Here is my suggestion:

Will you kindly move the two tabs so that they are not next to each other. At all. Anywhere. As a matter of fact, it would be super if they were on separate pages altogether.

And, if you could require a password to publish a post that would be a dream.

And maybe, while you are at it, you could make the tabs flashing colors- like red for “publish” and green for “save draft?”

Even better, maybe you could send a warning saying, “Are you sure you want to publish your not finished, riddled-with-errors, incoherent and senseless piece? Because if you do, there are going to be a lot of folks scratching their heads out there.”

Thanks for listening, WordPress.

I am about to hit “Publish.”

Here I go…

Stop me if you want…

Yep, I am SURE…….!

That’s all.

One thought on “My Strongly Worded Letter to WORDPRESS

  1. It all made sense until you got to the colors, then you lost me. Shouldn’t red be for “no, wait, stop!” and green be for “ta-da!”? 😉

    I have a WordPress account that has gotten no further than “how do I know what theme I want?”, but from what I’ve picked up from you and a (literally) related blogger, I do sympathize. I revise myself repeatedly, even on FB.

    Good luck with getting WordPress to listen. 🙂


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