Here is our story. And our story happened here, in our backyard.


Boston Magazine, October 2015 “How to Bring a Dead Man to Justice.”

You may think our story is powerful, impactful or moving.  Maybe it is. The sad truth is that our story is NOTHING SPECIAL.

The only thing different about our story is that we are telling it. Shamelessly.

Our story is a common one shared by one in five people. The details of our story may be unique. But the underlying theme is a constant. It happens all around us. Everyday.

All. The. Time.

There are the victims:  mothers, daughters, sons, best friends, neighbors, teachers, bullies, babysitters. It happens here in The Bean, in the penthouse in NYC, on the set of reality TV, in Hollywood, in Tulsa and on the freaking Cosby Show. (I used to LOVE that show.)

And then there are the perpetrators: grandfathers, sons, brothers, actors, mothers, sisters, tennis pros, clergy, best friends, bosses, politicians, actors, professional athletes, boyfriends, girlfriends, college football coaches and on and on.

You name it.

Cut it out, for the love of Pete.  It is time for us to speak up.

Sexual abuse has no place. It is criminal, It is traumatic. It is life altering.

It lurks.

There is a mask that exists. That mask says, “Everything is great.”

It thrives on “Don’t tell. “or ” This is our little secret.”

It threatens, “No one will believe you.” or “I will hurt you if you say anything.”

It deceives, “This is NORMAL.”

STOP is a complete sentence, everybody.


Please help us in our mission to put an end to this abuse. Jump on board, everyone.


That’s All.

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