Five Black Dogs; Three good girlfriends.


Hello. My name is Dexter


And these are my friends. Crowley, (Me,) Mela, Scout, and Rocky.

And every morning, rain or shine, I join my Mama and her girlfriends for a one hour hike in the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The Woods.

My mom has three good pals and between them, there are nine of us; Five fabulous black dogs. Four pretty amazing and fun gals.

Mama says it is the best part of her day; This is what she says,

“Life is nuts. Life is chock full of commitments and “have-to-dos,” and “gotta-bes,” and “check-it-off-the-lists.”

We have our work, and family, and clubs and commitments, There are dishes to wash and laundry to do and kids to collect and, for Goodness’ sake, someone has to volunteer. And what about dinner? And, oh! Freaking Halloween is next week.

Be quiet.

Get quiet.

I love my family and my home and my life.

I am passionate about my work.

But, all that can envelop me and consume me. I am trying to learn how to step back. Breathe. Take it in.  Enjoy. Laugh. Joke. Hike. Meet other dog-parents. Smell the woods. Try not to trip over the roots.

I am learning. It is hard work.

Linda explains how to update my software and mend my slow internet connection.

Elaine sheds light on how to be socially conscious with vim, vigor, and humor.

Joanne keeps us entertained with so many stories that she could write a book.

And since she is my hair stylist, she watches my roots- daily.  Good, good friend.

Life. We get sucked in and consumed with things that don’t necessarily matter.

Finding time to fill up my tank is my priority. I fill-er-up in the early morning. With the pups, my friends and look. LOOK how beautiful it is when you pick your eyes up from your path and look around.





That’s All.

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