Milling in Mary’s Mind


Just a few thoughts, friends.

Ireland’s Greenery- Taken July 2015

If you meet an amazing person who can’t dress well – hang on.You can shop together later.

If you meet a jerk who dresses to the 9s- dump that one for the one previously mentioned.

Listen up.

Offer the benefit of the doubt. Believing that others are living with the best of intentions

is holding them in high esteem.

Write thank you notes. Always. Don’t forget.

Live in appreciation and the world will look so beautiful.

When someone apologizes, don’t leave them hanging. Accept it.

You get to  pick your partner.  You don’t get to pick your parent.  Let it go.

The only one who can take care of you is you. Go.

You are the boss of yourself.

Demonstrate sincerity and honesty with eye contact.

Mean it.

Believe. Even when people tell you otherwise.



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