What’s In Your Bucket?


Hopes and dreams are, in large part, what keeps us going as human beings. There is always something we want. Whether those things are wants or needs, we tend to keep lists.

I have always had a bucket list.

I have always been a dreamer.

As a little girl, I always had a treasury of things for which I yearned and goals I aspired to accomplish. My list was filled with pipe dreams, far-fetched and idealistic for the most part. But all those items on my list were dreams. And dreams are important.

Hope is what keeps us going. Hope keeps us positive. Hope brings forth optimism.  Hope is often, the only remedy to despair.

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will understand that my life has been HARD.  Actually, in many ways it sure as hell just sucked.  I consider myself extremely lucky in that I am resilient by nature and a glass-half-full kind of girl.  If not for these qualities, I could be dead: literally or figuratively.

One thing that has carried me through has been keeping a journal of my dreams; My bucket list.  My bucket list has changed throughout the years, quite dramatically.

Have a look at the then and the now.


My Childhood Bucket List:

  • To be famous
  • To be a mother. Preferably to triplets. (Thank God I have not had to check that box)
  • To go on tour with Captain and Tennille.
  • To have a puppy or a kitty. I was not specific- either would have made me happy.(Check! I have my Dexter.)
  • To be asked on a date by Jimmy O’Leary
  • To marry a handsome prince (Check! My Michael)
  • To be on the PBS TV show “ZOOM”
  • To meet Walter Matheau
  • To be an Olympic Figure Skater like Dorothy Hamill, which was the epitome of a pipe dream since I took only two seasons of skating lessons.
  • To be blonde. (Check! I was blonde for six months. Then I had to decide whether to continue or take a second mortgage on my house. The hair took the second.
  • To have two  Scottish Terriers; A white female named Terry and a black male named Scotty. Yeah, I know.

My Bucket List Now:

  • Drive across the US in a seriously hip vehicle which would not break down. Preferably with Cousin Laura, and I promise we would not drive over a cliff.
  • Ride horseback on a beach in Ireland.(Check! July ’15)
  • Adopt an orphaned little girl from a third world country and love her with my whole heart. That would not be hard. I mean the love part.
  • Go to Italy with my cousins Mary and Angelique- Michelangelo, Margarita Pizza, Pope Francis (we have much to discuss.)  And perhaps have a ride on a turquoise Vespa wearing a black and white striped shirt, scarf and ballerina flats? Just thinking about it, I can practically taste the Ambrosia: Prosciutto and EVOO.
  • Train my Black Labrador to be an official therapy dog.  He is my therapist. He has saved me so much money not to mention time on that leather couch.
  • Speak fluent Spanish. (Almost there!)
  • Receive a phone call from Oprah, asking for Cousin Laura and me to be guests on her show. Yeah, she would have one more episode just for us.
  • Own a 1980-ish yellow  Mercedes-Benz 450 SL convertible.
  • Cook with Ina Garten
  • Have lunch with Julia Child (almost happened. My friend, her butcher, arranged it. She passed away weeks before we were to meet.-so sad)
  • Write a memoir.  Trust me. It will be entertaining.
  • Save somebody’s life
  • Sing our National Anthem at some sporting event.
  • Host SNL

Make a list of things you want, things that inspire you, goals that give you a surge of positive energy. Because hope, Everybody, is manna for our souls.

What’s in your bucket?

That’s All.







7 thoughts on “What’s In Your Bucket?

  1. Your blogs always evoke
    emotions for
    me. Thanks for living lovelier and for putting pen to paper to inspire your readers.

    I love this patticular blog. Not only do your childhood bucket list and mine have a lot in common – Zoom, touring with Captain and Tennille, but also your indomitable spirit and resilience inspire always.

    As the Aerosmith song says, “Dream until your dreams come true.”


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