Carrying Love in Her Trunk


This is me, Mary(morphosis) with my dear, dear, Laura.  Look how much I adore her.


There are a ba-ga-jillion-zillion reasons why I am crazy about her.

To be specific, I think that she hung the moon.

She is my long-lost cousin, dearest pal, and confidante. She is compassionate and loving, but man, she will set me straight if I need a kick in the butt. She ALWAYS has time for me. Despite her softer side, she is super opinionated and is a strong activist.  She is a force.

Yes, the same blood runs through our veins. Yup, she and I are survivors of sexual abuse by the same predator: our grandfather.  And indeed, we have the same nose- see?

So, yeah, I am biased.

But Laura.

Laura just sends love out into the WORLD. To me. To her kids. To her “Favorite,”  and on and on.

Every. Single. Day.

Laura was leaving me after a visit. I opened her trunk to help her load her bags and started moving stuff around.  Look what I found.


Me, “What is this?”

Laura, (nonchalantly) “Oh. I just carry that around in my car in case I see someone who may be homeless or in need.  I pull over and offer them what I have in this bin.”

Shoot. Me. Dead.

That is carrying love in your boot.

Dionne Warwick said it best. “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love.”

BLESS.  Love you, Laura.

That’s All.



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