Something About Mary


Thank you for reading MARYMORPHOSIS!

Here is a bit of dish about me.

I am an entrepreneur, writer, passionate cook and an interior designer.

Also, I am a mom, wife, Black Labrador’s human and Downton Abby addict.

I am a graduate of Boston College with a BA in English. I earned minors in Business, The Development of Western Civilization and Studio Art.  Also, I studied at the Abby National Theater and the school of Irish Studies in Dublin, Ireland.

I am a neat freak, horrible baker and recovering perfectionist.

I am also a survivor of sexual abuse.

After having been fired from my first three jobs, and in fear of the inability to pay my rent and feed my cat, Zack, I started an interior landscaping business called Louisburg Gardens.  

Translation:  Interior design with tropical plants and flowers.

It was a great twenty-year run, but it was time for a change so, three years ago, I sold my business.

It was time for a MARYMORPHOSIS.

Change is the only thing that is constant. Although so many of us resist it, my message is to stop paddling upstream, go with the flow and let life happen.

I am a believer of turning lemons into lemonade.  And with that said, my cousin, Laura and I  are on the cusp of squeezing those lemons.

Please visit our website to learn more about our non-profit HELP SPREAD THE WORD and HELP US IN OUR MISSION TO END SEXUAL ABUSE.

Because lemonade can just change the world, friends.

That’s all.

4 thoughts on “Something About Mary

  1. Hi Mary, Great Blog. Thank you for sharing yourself. We have much in common! I went to BU – journalism and creative writing, and semester at Harvard, creative writing as well. Now making a living at what I love, I’m looking for places I can Guest Post on related topics. Do you allow that? Please communicate with me at my email and I can give you more details and some samples. Thank you!


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